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A Royal Day of Enchantment
What to Expect at a Princess Party

Princess Performances: Our professional performers will arrive at your party as beloved princesses, ready to captivate and engage your young guests. Dressed in stunning costumes, they embody the grace and charm of classic fairytale characters. Our princesses are here to bring magic to your event. Here's a glimpse of the interactive activities you can expect:

Sing-Alongs: Gather around as our princesses lead your little ones in singing their favorite songs from the fairytale world. It's a harmonious and heartwarming experience that will have everyone joining in.

Enchanting Dance Moves: Get ready to twirl and glide as our princesses teach your child and their friends some magical dance steps. Whether it's a waltz or dancing under the sea, the fun and excitement are guaranteed.

Enthralling Storytime: Our princesses are fantastic storytellers, and they'll transport your child and their friends to a world of enchantment with captivating tales from their respective stories. It's an opportunity to be part of the fairytale.

Fairytale Games: Our princesses come prepared with fun and themed games that keep the little ones entertained and giggling throughout the party. From treasure hunts to themed trivia, the games add an extra layer of excitement.

Photo Opportunities: We understand that capturing the magic is an essential part of the celebration. Our princesses are more than happy to pose for photos with the birthday child and their friends. These photographs will become cherished keepsakes that transport everyone back to the enchanted moments of the day.

Our interactive activities are perfectly themed to match the princess's story, ensuring that your child and their friends are immersed in a magical world where they become part of the enchanting narrative. It's not just a party; it's an adventure, and your child is at the center of it all.


Fairy Tale

45-minute princess party package.

👑 For just $300.00, 1 Princess will dazzle your little one and their friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


👑 Double the enchantment with 2 Princesses for $350.00, making the celebration even more magical.


👑 And for the ultimate royal experience, choose 3 Princesses for $400.00, turning your party into an extraordinary event that your child will cherish forever.

Book your princess party today and let the magic begin!

Dream Come True

 60-minute princess party package.


👑 For $450.00, 2 Princesses will sweep your little one and their friends off their feet, creating an hour of unforgettable memories.


👑 Add even more enchantment with 3 Princesses for $500.00, making your party a regal affair that will be talked about for years to come.


👑 Embrace the grandeur with 4 Pincesses for $550.00, 5 Princesses for $600.00, or 6 Princesses for $650.00, ensuring an extraordinary event where magic, laughter, and joy reign supreme.

Royal Ball

90-minute Royal Ball princess party package.

👑 For $700.00, 4 Princesses will transform your celebration into a majestic affair that will leave your child and their friends spellbound.

👑 Elevate the grandeur with 5 Princesses for $775.00, 6 Princesses for $850.00, or 7 Princesses for $925.00, creating an event fit for royalty.

👑 For the ultimate fairytale experience, choose eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve princesses for prices ranging from $1,000.00 to $1,300.00. You'll be hosting a ball that your child and their friends will remember forever.

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